​Teri Forero Art...With Imagination!

Concrete wall fauxed to match existing tile

Multi color glazing faux finish

​Faux Wood Grain Entry and Garage  Doors

After!   Faux brick and wood grain!

"Cinder Block " Faux Finish


Tri colored striping.

Before "Pickled  Wood"

Old World Faux Wall  Finish


Faux Glazing over textured Wall

Grand Penthouse Ocean Palms . I faux finished the entire 3 floor              Unit..bringing the beauty of ocean and sky inside!

After "Tommy Bahama"  look!


Artist at work...​​

Faux "Tommy Bahama "  finish on entire dining set

​Faux and Decorative Finishes

  • Faux wood grain Entry and Garage doors.
  • Change the look of a room with Decorative Wall Finishes
  • Furniture faux finishes