Add excitement and dimension to any area!

Palm Moveable Mural 4 foot by 5 foot

Everglades Mural at Heron Bay Elementary. measures 35 foot by 5 feet

Angels on ceiling measures 15' by 15'

Dawn to Dusk Ceiling Mural

Mural across entire closet wall

Exterior Mural painted directly on glass windows measures 6 foot by 4 foot

Re installed ....truly moveable!

​Teri Forero Art...With Imagination!

Recreation of Michelangelo's  "Creation of Man"

         Hope the vent is removed some day!

Exterior Mural  I donated of my Original  Painting "The Final Call" at the Entrance to Firefighters Park, measures 6 foot by 4.5 feet. .

Italian Mural for Bella Vita Restaurant

Ocean view Mural to disguise door

​"Italian Veranda"  in entry Foyer

​8 foot by 12 foot "Moveable"  Mural!