​"Italian Veranda"  in entry Foyer

Exterior Mural  I donated of my Original  Painting "The Final Call" at the Entrance to Firefighters Park, measures 6 foot by 4.5 feet. .

Everglades Mural at Heron Bay Elementary. measures 35 foot by 5 feet

Dawn to Dusk Ceiling Mural

Exterior Mural painted directly on glass windows measures 6 foot by 4 foot

Re installed ....truly moveable!

​8 foot by 12 foot "Moveable"  Mural!


Add excitement and dimension to any area!

Italian Mural for Bella Vita Restaurant

Angels on ceiling measures 15' by 15'

Mural across entire closet wall

Recreation of Michelangelo's  "Creation of Man"

         Hope the vent is removed some day!

Palm Moveable Mural 4 foot by 5 foot

​Teri Forero Art...With Imagination!

Ocean view Mural to disguise door